urban-theatrical performance integrating telepresence and geolocation


Geolocative performance where surveillance technologies are diverted and integrated into the narrative. A dancer interacts with text-messages and location data from a “roamer” walking in the city.

Myriorama is a performance that takes place simultaneously on the street and in a theatre. Inspired by a short story by Italo Calvino, Un re in ascolto (A King Listens), the Myriorama project holds the audience captive in a transparent tent while a dancer circulates around it. Meanwhile, on the street, a roamer/performer sends (SMS) text messages describing the geography he sees along the way. The content of these messages is integrated (via GPS) into a map that indicates the roamer’s position and is projected onto the tent. Finally, the projected images are manipulated and transformed in real time through our system of sensors by the movements of the dancer as he circles the tent. This is the way the dancer attempts to watch over, manipulate, and dominate his environment, like the king of Calvino’s story.

Questioning the fact that our cities and private lives are infiltrated by a variety of positioning and surveillance systems (frequently used for monitoring and spying), we have taken the cell phone, the GPS, and the sensor system and given them an artistic function. In creating a work from these forms of representation, we also wanted to place certain performance conventions into perspective. How can we go beyond the physical limits of theatre? How can we integrate an urban trajectory into a theatrical space?


Concept, development, production: ambientTV.NET (Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel) and kondition pluriel (Martin Kusch and Marie Claude Poulin)
Performance: Martin Belanger
Roamer: Locally recruited
Tent: Camalo Gaskin
GPS/GPRS architecture, visualisation co-development: David Muth
Additional Max/Jitter programming: Alexandre Burton
London/live roamer: Shane Solanki
pre- recorded annotated walks: Pete Gomes, Christian Nold, Lottie Child, Diana Baldon



kondition pluriel, Montreal, and ambientTV.NET, London

With the support of:

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts

Exhibitions / Shows

2004 Project Space, London / UK

2004 ISEA2004, Kiasma Theater, Los Angeles / USA