Gallery Winter

interactive computer installation


An interactive computer installation for public space, distributed between the outside and the inside, Gallery Winter is a work that addresses the complexity of surveillance processes and the social implications of the gallery as an exhibition space for interactive digital media art.

Gallery Winter is an interactive computer installation, that combines the presence from the movement on the street in front of one of the gallery windows, with the presence of the inside of the gallery, creating a network of multi-layered images. This network between the inside and the outside, is a reflection on the notion of public and private space, questioning the role of the observer, the status of the gallery space creating an interactive physical art experience.

On entering the gallery, into that room, the visitor lands in front of an easel, holding an lcd monitor, displaying an abstract image, consisting of a multi-layered RGB color space in permanent mutation. These transformations are combined with the live camera feed from the gallery space including one’s own silhouette, distorting the image. By paying attention, the visitor will notice that the color saturation of the image is fluctuating, as does the spatiality of the moving silhouette. Thanks to surveillance cameras placed inside and outside, it is the movement of the passer-by that influences the live stream of the lcd screen inside the gallery, while the movement of the visitor influences the virtual scenes outside the gallery


Exhibitions / Shows

1997 Gallery Winter, Vienna / AT